Labrador Retriever; Versatile, Intelligent And Loving

Are you looking for a dog that is very intelligent, can be trained easily, very loyal and loving? Are you looking for a dog that is very eager to please, cheerful in nature and can get along with almost everyone? Are you looking for a dog that can be used in search and rescue parties or as dog assistant for the blind? Are you looking for a dog that is very large in nature, has an enthusiastic attitude towards life and peaceful with other pets and animals? If the answer is yes, then a Labrador retriever is definitely what you are looking for, and can be purchased from breeders that advertise at Labrador puppies for sale in pa.

The Labrador retriever is definitely one terrific dog and is usually referred sometimes to as the number one American dog. The dog is very intelligent in nature, easy to train, very affectionate and loving. As one of the most easily recognized breeds in America and the rest of the world, the Labrador definitely makes a great companion and is very ideal for a family pet.

The dog possesses a loving and warm personality is undeniably one of the many traits that have made this dog quite popular among Americans and throughout the world. In addition the Labrador retriever is very friendly in nature, extremely versatile and easy maintenance. All this traits are what have made the dogs very popular within the community and are ideal to be used as dog assistant for the blind, or can be used in search parties and rescue activities.

Due to their cheerful nature, the labs get along with almost anyone. They are also very eager to please, very quick learners and usually bear fruits with very focused and intense learning activities. Despite their very huge sizes and unmatched strengths Labrador remains very suitable and ideal for kids and children, from all age groups and like any other dog it is very advisable to keep a keen eye on the child and the dog, to ensure that none of them is being handled in a rough manner.

When young, the Labradors are usually very energetic but as time goes by, they will require a little bit of training or exercise from now and then to ensure that they are physically fit and they receive adequate mental stimulation. For physical training you can always take him/ her to swimming or play fetching games at the park or backyard. Taking the Labrador for walking does not count as training. Labradors are also very independent, quite biddable and very responsive to the exercises or training.

Apart from all the positive aspects the dog has a chewing habit or mouthing your hands. You must at least provide at all times a box full of toys on which it can chew on. In addition the dog matures at a very slower rate compared to other dogs, hence remaining young for a very long while which is a good thing.

If you want a dog that is very large and bouncy, steady tempered, very responsive to training and very eager to please, then Labrador retriever is unquestionably what you are looking for. Make sure you purchase the retriever at Labrador puppies for sale in pa at a very affordable price.

All You Need to Know About A Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever dog breed gets listed annually as being the dog breed most popular in America. This is not surprising given its intelligence, loyalty, train-ability, affectionate and loving nature. The dog breed is possibly among the easiest to recognize and makes a great pet for the family. Its popularity comes down to the warmth it imparts onto anyone who with whom the Labrador interacts, along with its convenient handling as a pet. The Retriever is a highly-intelligent dog with good amounts of versatility. These traits are self-evident in their significance within the community in assisting the blind and physically challenged individuals. Labs are also renowned for aiding in search and rescue operations.

The dogs are large and considered very cheerful and friendly, exhibiting a unique affinity to please people. They excel in learning, quickly acquiring skills especially with reward-oriented training. Labs suit families with children of diverse age, despite their strength and size. That said, it is necessary as with all other dog breeds to supervise your children during playtime ensures that neither child nor pup get improperly handled. Labrador puppies are robust pets and after growing up require vast amounts of regular exercise along with mental stimulation. This dog breed will hardly lie idle within your yard and you can take advantage of this trait to perform reward-based training with great success.

Excessive confinement of a Lab Retriever could lead it to performing acts of rambunctiousness along with destructive chewing. Expect this good-nature pet dog to operate in stride, which relative to a Golden Retriever, is slightly more conservative with imparting affections. A Labrador is also an independent dog, although biddable and trainable. Some dogs of this breed exhibit some measure of stubbornness, with the necks of others resembling those of bulls.

The unique chewing and hand-mouthing tendency of this dog breed makes it important can be controlled by providing a box full of toys for carrying around in its mouth. Labs exhibit slow maturity rates, remaining robust for several years, which though appealing, does require good training and patience levels to manage. Overall, you should get a Labrador puppy if seeking for one that is:

· Large and bouncy, portraying great enthusiasm toward life
· Short easy-care coat
· Cheerful and oftentimes wags its tail
· Moderate-tempered and reliable with everyone
· Athletic and thrives on exercise
· Peaceful with fellow animals
· Responsive to training and eager to please

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Labrador Puppies For Sale in PA

Labrador Retrievers – or Labs, for short – are recognized by the American Kennel Club as a purebred dog, said to generally be a gentle, kind and loving breed. These retrievers often fall into one of three categories: Black Labs, Chocolate (dark brown) Labs and White Labs. While each type of Lab boasts it’s own color, the temperament and personality among each is much the same. At, Lab puppies for sale in PA are readily available in all types.

To make sure you pick the right Lab puppies for you, a list of breeders and their information is available at all times, complete with their location and contact information so that you may take a look at their puppies and breeding practices in person and be sure you get exactly what you pay for. Simply go to the website, click the button labeled “Puppies for Sale” and browse through a selection of Labs and other breeds of any type.

Find The Lab Of Your Life – labrador puppies For Sale In PA

A strong, loyal hard-working breed, few breeds embody the spirit of the dog like the Labrador! A perfect companion for families, Labrador dogs are loving, patient and usually get along great with children and other pets. A member of the retriever family, they were initially bred to assist hunters, fetching game from lakes. These animals love the occasional swim and are ideal for an outdoors lifestyle, but, provided that they get enough exercise, can be quite happy in a decent size apartment.

Their intelligence and passion for learning has made them the breed of choice for working and service dogs. The breed has three main colours, beige, black and chocolate brown, the latter being the rarest colour. They are generally considered a healthy breed not prone to complications, such as hip dysplasia, specially if acquired from reputable breeders. You can find great labrador puppies for sale in pa.